• When Stones Speak

    In the latest novel from author Tom Miller, Dr. Hannigan and a reluctant Chuck Palmer set out to find the historical Jesus of Nazareth.

    However, they soon discover that there are people in high places that will stop at nothing, including murder, to insure they fail at any cost!

    When Stones Speak
  • The Wave

    Chuck Palmer and Dr. Scott Richardson make a discovery on the Big Island of Hawaii no one could have ever imagined…

    The largest volcano in the world is about to erupt, and set into action a chain of events resulting in a 2,000 ft. tsunami that will destroy the Hawaiian Islands and the Pacific Rim!  More…

    The Wave
  • Geological Records

    Geological history reveals the Hawaiian Islands have continuously been battered by mega-tsunamis caused by incredible landslides crashing down the slopes of the island’s many volcanoes. The Wave is an apocalyptic story about the catastrophic collapse of Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano, and the mega-tsunami that will completely destroy the Hawaiian Islands and the entire Pacific Rim.  More…

    Geological Records
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Preface – When Stones Speak

After 60 years of endless hours working on a single invention Dr. Michael Hannigan has finally succeeded.  He has built a camera, a very special camera.  His amazing quantum camera is able to retrieve images generated hundreds and possibly thousands of years ago.  Not only can his quantum camera recover ancient pictures, but they are moving pictures.  His amazing camera can look back in time, and reveal the truths that have been lost for centuries.  It will expose irrefutable answers to the many questions surrounding ancient events.  Dr. Michael Hannigan will change history, but that was never his goal.

Dr. Hannigan may be a brilliant physicist, but he is also a devout Catholic.  For the last 60 years his dream was to show the world the miracles that Jesus performed.  Unfortunately his camera weighs seventy pounds, and is too heavy for him to carry across the Holy Land while searching for the elusive Messiah.  He needs the help of his friend and ex-Navy SEAL Chuck Palmer.  Chuck possesses the necessary physical strength, but he lacks Dr. Hannigan’s resolute faith.  In fact Chuck is an atheist.  He is convinced that his friend will be devastated when the true Jesus is exposed.  Chuck reluctantly agrees to help, but only if his girlfriend will join them.

Dr. Hannigan’s intrepid party sets out on the adventure of a lifetime to find the historical Jesus of Nazareth.  They soon discover that there are people in high places that will stop at nothing including murder to insure they fail.

When Stones Speak

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The Wave

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See What Others Are Saying About The Wave

This is an exhilarating thriller that extrapolates scientific data on undersea earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, and tsunamis to paint an incredible action-packed tale. The story line is fast-paced from the moment the first wave struck and never slows down as the mega tsunami is coming. Although the hitmen subplot adds suspense, it feels inanely out of place in comparison to the strong scientific fact-finding as increasingly a monster tsunami caused by earthquakes and volcanoes frighten the scientists on the project as that would devastate the Pacific Rim including the American West Coast. –Harriet Klausner

Obviously the author has some serious geologic training as he has cleverly written a story that is fact based to the point of making the tale completely plausible and even believable. As a published author, I have particular appreciation for great storytelling and this book delivers. The story and characters jump to life and the tale skates through seamlessly and keeps the reader locked in his or her seat throughout. Tom Miller clearly had a great story to tell and delivered in spades. Great book. –Stan Fridstein

Tom Miller's "The Wave" is outstanding; an absolutely riveting tale. It's packed with vivid imagery & incredible detail (the thoroughness of the research is apparent from cover to cover). From the opening pages, the heroes race against time & long odds as they piece together the critical scientific evidence. Everything builds into a finale that roars with the ferocity & abandon of a monstrous roller-coaster. A real page-turner, I can't wait for Tom Miller's next book & "The Wave" to come out as a movie (3D would be INTENSE!).–Andrew Kneeter

I know Tom Miller and expected a good book but I was amazed at how compelling it is! It kept me up past midnight twice and I meant to stop reading around 10pm. This is a fun and gripping story that is reminiscent of Michael Crichton's style of scientifically based thrilling story telling. Tom has traveled the world and done things most movie stars haven't even done! He's a remarkable guy with a great personal story in addition to the ones he tells in his books. Add Tom to your preferred authors list. You'll love the journeys. –Jim Cathcart

Just finished Reading Tom Millers 'The Wave' and I had to take a drink to get my heart to stop pounding. What a GREAT first book! With the nonstop action and amazing detail, not only did I love the ride but I actually learned something along the way. The ending seemed to set us up for a possible sequel (one could hope). –Jeffery T. Holden