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Wine, Cheese, and Excellent Company!

After our Fat Bike tour of the Versailles grounds and Palace we wanted to see what else Paris had to offer.  Wouldn’t you know, Bob insisted on going to Galleries Lafayette. I told him they had a huge selection of women’s underwear, but I didn’t think any would fit him.

For lunch we went to the Montmartre District.  Just walking the streets where Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir and Van Gough used to hang out was exciting.  This was especially meaningful after seeing their work at the D’Orsay.


“Galleries Lafayette.”

“Bob and Kathi sitting in front of a Metro station in the Montmartre district.”

“We loved this wine bar, and their sign.”

After our three day whirlwind visit to Paris it was time to head back to Rabelo.  Our friends Larry and Patty met us at the train station exhausted after their long flight. Of course our first priority when we got back to Rabelo was eating and drinking.I am proud to say we have never had a serious case of scurvy on Rabelo.

“Enjoying Rabelo with Larry, Patty, Bob and Kathi.”

“Our friends relaxing on Rabelo as we go under a bridge.”

“Sometimes our friends come aboard and think they are just Eye Candy.”

After Patty and Larry got a full night sleep we were off to the Gaugry Cheese factory.  One of the cheeses they make is Epoisse.  We don’t care for the aged cheese because it is too strong, but the younger cheese is delicious. After our visit we went back to Rabelo, untied the lines and headed up the Burgundy Canal.  In my opinion the best part is from Dijon to the summit tunnel at Vandanesse.  The scenery is beautiful, there are loads of little villages, and the locks are close together so it is easy to walk along the canal and keep pace with Rabelo.

“Cheese being made at the Gaugry Cheese Factory.’

“Larry and Patty buying a little cheese.”

“Hey guys, it’s just a chicken.”

“Walking along the canal. Kathi can’t believe she’s actually married to Bob.”

Thanks to Julian the following day was truly special.  It started off with lunch at a Michelin star restaurant that looked over the vineyards.  Then Julian took us to the Moillardwinery where we were allowed to roam the cellar without a guide.  We ended up buying a case and a half of wine.  From Moillard Julian took us to the most hallowed ground in the world of wine, the Romanee Conti vineyard.  At the restaurant where we had lunch, a bottle of Romanee Conti was 6090 Euro, or about $8,000.00.  We skipped the Romanee Conti, and had a bottle that was more in our price range.  Who buys an $8,000.00 bottle of wine?

We got a kick out of seeing the Romanee Conti vineyard.  But the real treat was when Julian pointed to the vineyard literally next door that was owned by DomaineGros Frere etLoeur.  That was the winery where we would go next for a special private tour that Julian,through his connections, was able to set up.

“Uncorking a barrel at the Moillard Winery.”

“Standing next to the Romanee Conti Vineyard.”

“Romanee Conti grapes. Each one is worth about $3.00.”

Collette Richebourg met us at the front door.  We followed her down into the cellar to their tasting room.  I’ve been in many tasting rooms, but I’ve never seen one like that at DomaineGros.  It is in a 300-year-old cave with a glass floor and LED lights around the perimeter.  There was even a Steinway concert grand piano in the middle of the cave. Now that’s what I call class.

It is fairly typical at a tasting for wineries to start with the cheapest wines and work their way up to the most expensive.  I knew I was in trouble when after every bottle Collette opened we all agreed it was our favorite.  When we finally came to the Richebourg Grand Cru I was dead meat.  We only bought one bottle, and it didn’t cost anywhere near what the Romanee Conti wines cost, but it was the most expensive bottle of wine I have every purchased.

“Collette Richebourg in the DomaineGros tasting room.”

“Lisa counting out the money we were about to spend.”

“They keep some old bottles of wine around.”

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