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We’re Baaaaack – In France

We’re back in France! We spent a crazy six months in Southern California getting together with family and friends while trying to manage our busy lifestyle.  I’m convinced that whoever coined the cliché, “The grass is always greener on the other side,”was thinking of us.  With all that we had going on at home Lisa and I were constantly reminding each other how we couldn’t wait to get back to Rabelo where life’s pace would be a little slower.  Well guess what? It’s not.

Fortunately we were able to spend a relaxing four nights in Paris before Kevin picked us up, and drove us to Rabelo.  For once we really did the tourist thing. We hadn’t seen the Louvre in years, so we gave it a try. The museum was so huge that we decided to only tour their Egyptian and Greek exhibits. They were impressive. It’s hard to comprehend the value of the artwork in the Louvre, one of the world’s great museums. The next day for a special treat we went to the Gobelins weaving factory.  This is where you can watch handmade rugs and tapestries being made. Unfortunately they don’t allow pictures.  The work they do is beyond description.  The weavers concentrate on the smallest of details as they shade and mix colors as if it they were painting. We saw one rug, which would have fit nicely in our living room, with five people working on it.  We asked our guide how long it would take to complete, and she said four to five years. That’s twenty to twenty-five man-years.  A rug like that must sell for well over $2,000,000.00. So much for redecorating the living room.

It’s Spring time in Paris.

Just one small piece of the Egyptian exhiby.

Athena in the Geek section.

Tell me this guy isn’t having a good time.

Kicking back at Luxembourg Gardens while watching the people at our favorite park in Paris.

We hadn’t planned on spending as much time in Paris, but Rabelo wasn’t ready. The yard was a few weeks late completing the generator installation along with some other work.  We’ve learned, after a life of boating, not to get too excited because of delays. If you own a boat,delays are simply part of the boating experience.

If you‘ve never been to Bon Marche in Paris it is worth a visit, and I hate department stores.  Their gourmet and kitchen sections are the best I’ve seen.

How about a nice single malt whiskey for Euro 25,000.00?

If the whiskey is too expensive how about a bottle of water for Euro 50.00?

Kevin made arrangements to park Rabelo on the Seine River in Saint Mammes.  We spent a full week there waiting for the work to be completed, but at least Rabelo was livable.  Fortunately the scenic medieval town of Moret Sur Loing was just a thirty-minute walk. Even though we’ve been there many times we couldn’t help but take the same pictures over and over again.  The place is that beautiful.  The other advantage of where we were moored was that on Sunday there was a farmer’s market right in front of our dock.  If that wasn’t enough there was also a circus only a couple of hundred yards from where we were tied.

You know you’re on the Seine when these big babies lumber by.

Part of the farmer’s market next to Rabelo.

The circus was in town.

Moretsur Loing.

Maybe the best thing about returning to Rabelo was that we got to see our new bathrooms. Kevin worked hard all winter to get them done, and we were so please with the job he did.  Watching Lisa pick out the tile and bathroom accessories was so painful that at one point I thought there might be a death in the family.  Fortunately her hard work and perseverance paid off.  We were both pleased with the final product.

One of our new bathrooms.

-Tom Miller
Author of “The Wave”  and “When Stones Speak”– 
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