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The Real Mushroom Kingdom!

It’s fall, and that means mushroom season.  I didn’t even know there was a mushroom season.  Actually it is more accurate to say that it is wild mushroom season.  The French love their mushrooms.  I assume people know that picking mushrooms can be hazardous to your health.  If you pick and then consume the wrong kind they are very poisonous, as in they will kill you.

“It’s fall and the leaves are changing.”

“Welcome to mushroom heaven.”

“There were mushrooms everywhere.”

“An incredible mushroom dish at our favorite restaurant Chapeau Rouge.”

Julian said that when picking wild mushrooms all you have to do is take them to your local pharmacy.  They will select approximately ten percent of your harvest, and send them to a testing lab.  He didn’t indicate whether there was a charge for this service, but I can’t imagine anyone taking a chance.  I know they have both mushroom and truffle safaris in France, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have snail hunts also.  Can’t you just picture yourself in the middle of the French forest stalking wild mushrooms and truffles?

“There were all kinds of mushrooms to buy.”

“Even though it looks like a flower this was a huge mushroom.”

“More mushrooms.”

Of course if you are not the mushroom hunting sort there is always the market.  Lisa and I love mushrooms, and we have never seen a selection like they had at Dijon’s covered market.  It was mushroom heaven.  I’ve never seen so many strange varieties.  Best of all the prices were right.  Lisa bought a couple of bags, and took them back to Rabelo where she made an incredible wild mushroom risotto, pasta with wild mushrooms, and a mushroom quiche.  Just thinking about those delectable dishes I want to grab my mushroom hunting attire and head out.  If you ever decide to go mushroom hunting please take a trusted guide.  It may not be as exciting as stalking wild game, but in the end it can be far more dangerous.

“An Iberico ham that is 300 Euro, or almost $400.00.”

“We had a beautiful fall this year.”

-Tom Miller
Author of “The Wave”  and “When Stones Speak”– 
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