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Finally! Lisa and I Move Into Rabelo!

We did it.  We finally did it.  Lisa and I moved onto Rabelo.

Two days latter we picked up our first guests, Lisa’s brother Jerry and his wife Arlene.

Rather than going directly to Rabelo we decided to spend the day in Bergen op Zoom as there was a jazz festival going on. What a pleasant surprise. A large tent was set up in the town square for the featured bands, ...

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OMG! What has Wilco done to my barge?

We arrived in Bergen op Zoom yesterday after a long and arduous trip.  We traveled by boat, car, plane and train. The only mode of transportation we missed was horseback. Which was a good thing because we had almost 300 pounds of luggage, and I would have felt terrible loading all that on a horse.

Wilco has been hard at work tearing apart my Big Baby.  Rabelo was a mess.  There was even a drill press and table saw in the ...

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The Not-So-Calm Before The Storm

The big day finally arrived.  It’s time to move Rabelo, but our captain was not on the train he was supposed to be on.  It’s not that Wilco, Scott and I can’t move my big baby.  It’s just that none of us posses the proper license.  Scott just told me that Wilco called.  He’ll wait for the next train.  If Jan, our captain is not aboard we will leave without him.  Without a properly licensed captain Rabelo will be uninsured.

I’m ...

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