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Settling Into Cruising Life On Rabelo | The Adventure Continues

We are on our way, but I can’t say that we have settled into the cruising life.  We are still sorting things out on Rabelo, learning how to operate her many systems.  The other night I threw the wrong switch, and we lost all power.  They don’t call me Admiral for nothing. When I say lost power, not only did we not have lights for cooking, but there was no water.  Without water there were no showers and we couldn’t flush the toilets.  It was an interesting evening.

After leaving Breda we cruised the beautiful Dutch countryside for about three hours until we arrived in Tilburg.

Time passes so fast on Rabelo.  It seems like just yesterday that Jerry and Arlene arrived and we were already saying goodbye.  They were the perfect guests, pitching in before they were asked and helped in every way possible.  Thank you Jerry and Arlene.  You set the bar very high for guests that will join us in the future.

Saying goodbye to Jerry and Arlene.

After we said our goodbyes it was time to go shopping.  Ugh, will it ever end? We needed more bedding, kitchen utensils and of course food.  Fortunately Tilburg has a marina that is only a five-minute walk from the town center.  Unfortunately, like typical dumb Americans, we tried to use the car because we didn’t realize how close the town center was.  Parking was expensive when you could find it, and the driving was impossible with all the one-way streets.  All we really needed to do was get off our ass and walk.

Do you think the Dutch mind riding their bikes?

Tilburg town center.

Tight quarters getting into Tilburg.

With this installment I’ve decided to include a new feature in Living Barge called “A View From the Kitchen Window.”  A kitchen window for many is like a metaphor of ones life.  Everybody has one, yet so few appreciate what’s out there.  Like our lives the scene outside our kitchen window is always changing.  Sometimes it is spectacular, OMG take your breath away while other times it may be just a rock wall.  No matter how amazing or dreadful I will include a view from our kitchen window with every blog.

Our Kitchen window from Tilburg. The odd shaped figure in the picture is a piece of artwork.


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