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Returning to Chateau de Fere

We continued down the Marne River.  The weather was changing.  Clouds were building. The sky was getting dark, and rain was in the forecast. The current was running much faster due to the recent storms.  After our foray into the trees I was paying extra attention making sure Rabelo wasn’t going to be pushed into the foliage again by the strong current.

“The Changing weather.”

Chateau Thierry was our next stop.  There’s not much left of the actual chateau, but it sits on top of a hill that affords wonderful views of the city.  Wilco had gone home and left us the car for the weekend, so we decided to visit some of the chateaus of Champagne.

“Chateau Thierry with the World War I Chateau-Thierry American Monument in the background.”

“Another view of the Chateau-Thierry American Monument plus another American monument.”

“Chateau-Thierry American Monument.”

Our first stop was Chateau du Nesles.  When we arrived it was raining felines and canines.  Lisa didn’t care.  She just wanted see the chateau, but then she had a hat and raincoat. As the man of the house it would never occur to me to look out the window and dress appropriately. All I had was a light jacket.  No matter, I’m fast on my feet, and can dance between the raindrops.  Though that doesn’t always work.  Especially when it is raining.  We left the car parked under a tree and preceded through the rain.  Lisa certainly enjoyed our little jaunt while I got drenched.

“Chateau du Nesles on a cold and rainy day.”

“Chateau du Nesles courtyard.”

“A smiling and dry Lisa inside Chateau du Nesles.”

Nine years ago we visited this incredible ruin next to a beautiful hotel.  We promised that one day we would return and stay at the hotel or at least have dinner.  Chateau de Fere was constructed in 1206 and is now just a haunting relic of the original castle.  The hotel began as a chateau in the 16th century.  It has six apartments and 19 rooms. We made dinner reservations and were looking forward to an extraordinary gastronomic encounter. Unfortunately, while the setting, ambiance, service and presentation were exceptional the food was at best mediocre.  Oh well we tried.

“The incredible ruins of Chateau de Fere.”

“The hotel at Chateau de Fere.”

While sitting in the bar we ran into one of three couples we had met while tasting champagne at Chateau Boursault the day before.  The other two couples were also staying at the hotel.   We didn’t have a chance to talk much as our table was waiting for us, but it was nice to see them again.

“Inside Hotel Chateau de Fere.”


-Tom Miller
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