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Our 4th Season of Barging Commences… Now!

We are starting our forth season of barging.  The first two were on Tigre Rose and now we have Rabelo.  Of course there’s the eight seasons and 65,000 miles we spent exploring the Pacific on our sailboat Locura.  You would think with so much cruising under my belt I’d no longer be amazed at what we find in virtually every village or town we visit.  And there is always something new around every bend in the river and corner of each canal.  I believe it’s why Lisa and I love cruising and keep coming back year after year.

Some surprises are just fun like a group of smiling tourists on Segways.  Meeting friends at the train station is always as exciting for us as it is for them.  I suppose our guests are relieved that they no longer have to worry about where they will sleep for the next week, and we get to share the excitement and wonder of barging.  In the spring it’s nature that serves up those tender moments that warms the heart, and makes us remember how fortunate we are.

“The perfect way to see Namur.”

“Meeting our friends Ed and Fran at the train station.”

“Tied up in front of Chateau Dave.”

“This family was right next to the lock.”

“One of those special moments.”

“More wildlife next to the lock. Note how fast the water is flowing.”

“Rabelo has a friend.”

There are times when you just want to laugh and say, “Oh my God.”

“At least the proprietor of this enterprise makes house calls.”

Of course there are times when we make our own surprises right on board Rabelo, and they usually come from the galley/kitchen.  Lisa is a phenomenal cook and with our friend Fran the two of them have set a new gastronomic standard for Rabelo.

“Okay, so maybe we’ve been eating a little too much.”

“Lisa prepared my favorite lunch.”

Today was Fran and Ed’s 50th anniversary.  We tied up in Charleville-Mezieres and went out to celebrate.  We had an incredible lunch at La Papillote, and sharing two bottles of wine didn’t hurt.

“Fran celebrating her 50th anniversary. How does Ed do it?”


-Tom Miller
Author of “The Wave” – 
a Chuck Palmer Adventure novel


About the Author:

Tom Miller graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. He is a consummate adventurer with over 1,000 dives as a recreational scuba diver, and an avid sailor who has traveled 65,000 miles throughout the Pacific including the Hawaiian Islands. Miller has also cruised the canals of Europe on his canal barge and given numerous lectures on cruising the canals of Europe, as well as sailing in the South Pacific. Piloting is also an interest of Miller's, and He has completed over 1,000 hours flying everything from small Cessnas to Lear jets.