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No Schedules, No Deadlines, No problem: Barging as it Should Be!

Rushing, pressure, schedules and deadlines!  Well, forget about it. There’s no more running back to Holland, or having to worry about a river or canal closing.  Life, with our new mooring in the center of France, has just been simplified.  We can pickup and go whenever we want.  If we feel like sitting someplace for weeks at time it’s no longer a problem.  This is how cruising is supposed to be, and it was the one thing missing when Rabelo spent her wintersin Holland.

After a short vacation in California we’re back on Rabelo.  Not only are we back, but also on the move.  It’s a little strange leaving our new mooring in our wake.  We won’t return for almost two months.  We have lots of places to visit, and best of all we can still take it easy.  Sometimes it drives our friends nuts, but I hate schedules.  Schedules are for airlines and cruise ships.  Barges are supposed to come and go as they please.

“A lovely stream just a short walk from where we are moored in Dijon.

“One of the famous Burgundy Tile roofs.”

“We even get rainbows in Dijon.”

We made the two-day trip from St. Jean de Losne to Dijon last year, and I was rather disappointed with the Burgundy Canal.  This particular section was not very picturesque and kind of boring.  I don’t know what the difference is, but this year I actually enjoyed it.  Sure the canal is still dead straight, but I thought the fields surrounding us were rather nice.  By the way, if you’re planning a trip on the Burgundy Canal I’ve got a little secret for you.  Most people have a vision of lazily meandering along this famous waterway with lush vineyards on either side.  Well guess what?  You’re not going to see a single vineyard, or for that matter a grape vine unless you get off the boat.  There are acres of vineyards less then a mile from where we are moored in Dijon, but you can’t see them from the water.  I suppose the good news is that they are a short bike or car ride from the Dijon Marina.  Of course the further you get from Dijon the further you’ll be from the vineyards.

“This beautiful square used to be a parking lot.”

“Rabelo tied up in Dijon.”

“Rabelo’s living room and dinning room, and a painting Lisa is working on.”

“They even have handicapped fishing spots along the Burgundy canal.”

We’ve decided to spend three weeks in Dijon. We’ve never done anything like this since we bought Rabelo, but we love Dijon.  We have a great place to tie up, and there are lots of things to do in Burgundy, especially wine tasting.  We will leave Rabelo here with Captain Julian onboard, and go to Paris where we will spend three nights with our friends Bob and Kathi.  Then the four us will meet our friends Larry and Patty flying in from California and take the train back to Dijon together. We’re making plans with the help of Julian and our friends David and Judy to take them tasting at some of the best wineries in Burgundy.  We are looking forward to spending time with our friends and tasting some of the great wines of Burgundy.  I think we should hire a designated driver.  Is anyone interested?

“A lake surrounded by a beautiful park just a short distance from the Dijon marina.”

“Lisa enjoying a fountain in Dijon.”

“Another pretty fountain in Dijon.”


-Tom Miller
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