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I Shall Be KING! Touring Fontainebleau

That does it.  There’s no more discussion.  Hey big guy.  That’s right, you up there.When you send me back next time, I’m gonna be the king. You got that?  I don’t want to hear about starving kids in Bangladesh or anything else.  I’m coming back as the king. That’s all there is to it.

“Welcome to my home in the next life.”

Our friends Sara and Marty joined us.  For their first full day on Rabelo we decided to give them a treat and drive to Chateau de Fontainebleau.  The French kings had three main summer homes, or what the rest of the world call palaces.   There’s Versailles, which everyone knows about.  Fontainebleau, which most know about and then there’s Compiegne, which hardly anyone knows about.

“Our friends Marty and Sara.”

“Fortunately the decorator didn’t go overboard on the bedrooms.”

We actually visited all three palaces eleven years ago. While we found Versailles the most impressive because of its size, we prefer Fontainebleau because so much of it is furnished.  In fact I was blown away.  Like the man said, “It’s good to be the king.”  Those guys really knew how to live.  What I want to know is did the king have his own ladies in waiting, and what were they waiting for?

“Imagine how many man hours it took to do the tapestries?”

“This hall was the inspiration for the hall of mirrors at Versailles.”

“Where does the TV go?”

“Was this a lady in waiting?”

The first part of the chateau was built in 1137.  From there Fontainebleau was added on, demolished, added onto again, and added onto some more. The French revolution came along and Fontainebleau was stripped of its furniture, but at least the buildings were left.  When Napoleon I came on the scene he decided to turn the chateau into an imperial residence and refurnish the place.

“If you have to have your own chapel this isn’t too shabby.”

“I wonder if the King ever got lost?”

“One of the gardens surrounding the palace.”

Even though I want to be the king, I’m not sure about those guys back in the 16th, 17th, and 18thcenturies.  I thought going to the powder room was just a polite way of saying,“I have to take a piss.”  I never realized that going to the powder room really meant you were going to powder yourself.  When I’m the king I’ll have to make some changes.  The first will be to lose the powder.  And what about those tights they wore?  Real men don’t wear tights.

“This is the oldest ‘Real Tennis’ court still being used in France. It was built in 1601 for Henry IV”


-Tom Miller
Author of “The Wave” – 
a Chuck Palmer Adventure novel


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