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Biarritz, San Sebastian and the Gastro Gymnastics

I made it back to Rabelo despite my stomachs insistence on completing an evening workout. My internal organs performed an Olympic gymnastics routine on the way home, and received a score of 9.6. That night the god of the water closet and I spent many hours together, and became closest of friends. In fact I put in so many hours working on our relationship there wasn’t time to sleep.

The following morning I boarded the plane dreary eyed and a bit queasy for the two-hour flight to Biarritz, France. Fortunately Lisa had given me some pills to calm things down. I don’t know where she found them, though I suspect it may have been the local cement factory. The stuff really worked even though I still wasn’t 100%. Our drive from Biarritz was mostly uneventful. We didn’t have any problem finding San Sebastian, Spain. We just couldn’t find the entrance to our hotel. Fortunately Lisa’s brother and sister-in-law were waiting on the street, and directed us to the  entrance.

“An entrance to our hotel, but the wrong one.”

“At Lisa’s brother and sister-in-laws apartment in San Sebastian.”

“Some fresh fish on display.”

At this point I should digress. Originally I was going to take Lisa to Biarritz for her birthday, but a friend recommended San Sebastian. He said it was one of his favorite cities in Europe. It had more Michelin rated restaurants per capita than any other city in the world. The food there was incredible, and he and his wife especially loved visiting the many topless bar. Well what could I say? With all those topless bars I had see the place. Alas there was a slight communications breakdown. Our friend and his wife actually enjoyed visiting the tapas bar. I just hate when that happens. But if you think about it a topless bar and a tapas bar have a lot in common. For example, a topless bar is where the eye candy is fully exposed and a tapas bar is where the stomach candy is fully exposed.

“Some of the fully exposed tapas.”

“More topless tapas.”

“Fresh flowers and vegetables.”

“Fresh seafood.”

“Now that’s some real stomach candy.”

That night the four of us went from tapas bar to tapas bar enjoying the fully exposed tapas, or as I prefer to call them stomach candy. Unfortunately neither my stomach nor eyes were in need of sustenance. We ended up going back to the hotel early, and once again I became a close friend with the god of the toilet. But this time it was a very fancy toilet. The only thing missing was a seat belt. I did find it rather disturbing when I was sitting, not so quietly, on the toilet and heard the god of the toilet seat say, “And we have lift off.” Of course my reply was, “Houston, we have a problem.”

“A view from our balcony.”


-Tom Miller
Author of “The Wave” – 
a Chuck Palmer Adventure novel


About the Author:

Tom Miller graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. He is a consummate adventurer with over 1,000 dives as a recreational scuba diver, and an avid sailor who has traveled 65,000 miles throughout the Pacific including the Hawaiian Islands. Miller has also cruised the canals of Europe on his canal barge and given numerous lectures on cruising the canals of Europe, as well as sailing in the South Pacific. Piloting is also an interest of Miller's, and He has completed over 1,000 hours flying everything from small Cessnas to Lear jets.