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When Stones Speak

When Stones Speak

In the latest novel from author Tom Miller, Dr. Hannigan and a reluctant Chuck Palmer set out to find the historical Jesus of Nazareth.

However, they soon discover that there are people in high places that will stop at nothing, including murder, to insure they fail at any cost!


About the Author:

Tom Miller graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. He is a consummate adventurer with over 1,000 dives as a recreational scuba diver, and an avid sailor who has traveled 65,000 miles throughout the Pacific including the Hawaiian Islands. Miller has also cruised the canals of Europe on his canal barge and given numerous lectures on cruising the canals of Europe, as well as sailing in the South Pacific. Piloting is also an interest of Miller's, and He has completed over 1,000 hours flying everything from small Cessnas to Lear jets.