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Bank Robbery and Open Air Toilets – Just Another Day on Rabelo!

Wilco picked us up at Charles De Gaulle and drove us to Rabelo.  The weather had turned dreary and overcast.  It was as if we were being told it was time to leave.  After all, our other home was in Southern California.  The temperature was 80, the skies were clear, and we were looking forward to seeing our family and friends.  It had been four months since we had last seen them.  Now that we had spent six ...

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Exploring Hondarriba Spain & the Fortress of Guadalupe

With our stomachs turning at a T’ai chi tempo verses the mixed martial arts we had been dealing with Bilbao proved to be a delightful adventure. The next day I wanted to drive into the mountains behind San Sebastian to visit the Basque Country, but the concierge recommended we head up the coast to Hondarribia.

Founded in the 6th century AD by the Visigoth King Richard, Hondarriba is a small fishing village set at the mouth of ...

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Our Visit To The Guggenheim Museum

After spending a rocking goodtime on the toilet all night it was time to do some more sightseeing.  We decided to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.  This incredible Frank Gehry masterpiece had been on our bucket list for a long time, so we jumped in the car and made the quick 45-minute drive to Bilbao.

We spent a little time driving around the city looking for parking.  Bilbao appeared to be flourishing.  It was a vibrant, ...

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Biarritz, San Sebastian and the Gastro Gymnastics

I made it back to Rabelo despite my stomachs insistence on completing an evening workout. My internal organs performed an Olympic gymnastics routine on the way home, and received a score of 9.6. That night the god of the water closet and I spent many hours together, and became closest of friends. In fact I put in so many hours working on our relationship there wasn’t time to sleep.

The following morning I boarded the plane dreary ...

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