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Paying Homage to Dom Perignon | Our Champagne Mission

Our guest had a good nights sleep, and were ready to go.  We were heading out on a champagne mission, but first we needed to eat.  You won’t find any cases of scurvy on the good ship Rabelo.  Lisa made a breakfast of scrambled eggs and cheese; fresh cut melon, coffee and juice, along with toast and pastries from the local patisserie. She offered champagne, but we needed to pace ourselves.  The air was a little brisk, but ...

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We’re Late, We’re Late, For A Very Important Date!

With our rudder fixed, though behind schedule, we were back on the move.  Rushing was something I’ve tried to avoid this entire trip, but there were times when it couldn’t be helped.  Our friends were joining us in less than a week.  I wanted to meet them in the Champagne Region, as I knew it would be a special treat.  We were there nine years ago, and have fond memories.

Vitry-le-Francois was our destination.  We blew through ...

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On The Road Again – Rabelo is FIXED!

I’ve been thinking of Willy Nelson lately.  Why might you ask?  Because whenever I think of Willy I think of the song “On the Road Again.”  You see, we are back on the canal again, and I couldn’t wait.  It took exactly one week to get our rudder repaired and re-installed.  A little old man drove six hours from Belgium in his truck with a crane on the back as well as a little boat and our 700 ...

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