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Settling Into Cruising Life On Rabelo | The Adventure Continues

We are on our way, but I can’t say that we have settled into the cruising life.  We are still sorting things out on Rabelo, learning how to operate her many systems.  The other night I threw the wrong switch, and we lost all power.  They don’t call me Admiral for nothing. When I say lost power, not only did we not have lights for cooking, but there was no water.  Without water there were no showers and we couldn’t ...

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Finally! Lisa and I Move Into Rabelo!

We did it.  We finally did it.  Lisa and I moved onto Rabelo.

Two days latter we picked up our first guests, Lisa’s brother Jerry and his wife Arlene.

Rather than going directly to Rabelo we decided to spend the day in Bergen op Zoom as there was a jazz festival going on. What a pleasant surprise. A large tent was set up in the town square for the featured bands, ...

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Relishing The Netherland’s Floriade | Awaiting Completion of our Barge’s Outfit

We’ve been in The Netherlands for over two weeks, and I’m going crazy.  The Hotel Old Dutch is clean, and the proprietors are delightful, but it certainly isn’t five star.  How do you say basic?

Then there is the problem of money.  I’ve never seen it disappear so fast.  Between Wilco and his six full time employees, and what Lisa and I are spending to outfit Rabelo we might as well be shredding it.  Fortunately it is ...

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I’m Going Dutch! These People Have It Figured Out!

That does it. I’m going Dutch. What is with these people?  They are thinner than us. They live longer, smoke like chimneys, and eat everything we’re told not to eat.

Today’s lunch was the last straw.  When it came time to order I asked the waiter to help translate the menu.  He graciously proceeded to explain what each item was, and eventually pointed at something that was supposedly their healthy meal. Feeling unusually virtuous, I ordered the healthy meal without asking ...

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